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Wireless Sports Bra
Wireless Sports Bra
Wireless Sports Bra
Wireless Sports Bra
Wireless Sports Bra
Wireless Sports Bra
Wireless Sports Bra
Wireless Sports Bra

Wireless Sports Bra

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Greatest Comfort While Doing Sport!

Being in a bra that supports your breasts and back while doing the things that you like most is important for a comfortable feeling. It’s time that you use this Wireless Sports Bra.
This Wireless Sports Bra is created to support but not constrict you. It helps prevent your breasts from jiggling and hurting while you do extreme sports or workout. And with its zipper closure design, wearing a comfortable bra has never been easier!


  • Maximum Breast Support:
    Instantly lifts and supports for a better posture, no jiggling breasts while doing your simplest to highest intensity sport or workout.
  • Perfect For Workout:
    Perfect for all sports such as running, jogging, dancing, cycling, HIIT, tennis, badminton, yoga and more!
  • Wire-Free:
    Does not have uncomfortable underwire but it does not flatten your boobs and still gives the lifted look.
  • Zipper Closure:
    No need to struggle in dragging and fitting it from your head to your shoulders to putting your arms in as you can wear it like a vest then zip it close.
  • Adjustable Hook-and-Eye:
    Back of the bra has an adjustable lock for better fitting.
No bounce! Really!
Well I was actually going to return the bra, but after I tried it on a second time it felt different. Plus my husband saw me doing the "bounce test" and saw how I didn't bounce! He said I really needed to keep it. After several wears and HIIT workouts, I am sold!! I am really not into wearing just a bra at the gym.
Review by Amy B. on 6 Apr 2020
Great for my H's
OMG I love this bra. So supportive! My boobs don't hurt anymore from bouncing around and I have the confidence to do full impact activities that I was scared to do before.
I'm about 200lbs size 38H and I got a 2luxe.
Review by Suncerae W. on 1 Apr 2020
Happy 😃
I finally found a bra that fits and support me! Yessssssss
Review by Cherie M. on 1 Apr 2020

  • Materials: Nylon, Spandex
  • Color: White, Black, Gray, Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple

  • 1 x Wireless Sports Bra