Tire Dressing Applicator Pad
Tire Dressing Applicator Pad
Tire Dressing Applicator Pad
Tire Dressing Applicator Pad
Tire Dressing Applicator Pad

Tire Dressing Applicator Pad

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  • Superior product application and spread with every wipe
  • Reduces product waste
  • Smooth, even application no dripping
  • Washable and reusable
  • Protects your fingers and nails from grease, grime and dirt

Wonder Wave: The Design That Works With You

The dense foam and unique Wonder Wave design hold spray dressings and creams on the applicator, and prevents messy drips and runs while spreading product over the surface evenly and efficiently. The dual foam applicator pad features a dense green handle for an easy grip over any surface. Choose the new Tire Dressing Applicator Pad with exclusive Wonder Wave technology to spread any dressing or protectant on any part of your vehicle.

Durable And Versatile Applicator

The Tire Dressing Applicator Pad is perfect for all exterior and interior dressing applications. Use the Tire Dressing Applicator Pad to spread tire shine on any type of off-road, street, or low-profile tire. The patented Wonder Waves help scrub and push dressing and protectant into textured grooves, tread, and contours. Simply spread dressing over the applicator, and scrub in both directions to work dressing into odd shapes for 100% coverage. The dual-foam design pairs a stiff green foam handle with a durable black foam product spreader.

Ensure 100% Coverage For 100% Protection

Vinyl, rubber, plastic, and leather are sensitive to harsh elements like extreme heat, UV sunlight, and liquid stains. Proper protection with premium oil based dressings will help restore trim pieces and tires with a deep black shine, and help prevent future fading and degrading. Use the Tire Dressing Applicator Pad to spread a thin, even layer of your favorite Chemical Guys dressing on rubber tires, plastic trim, vinyl door panels, and leather upholstery.

About This Applicator

It works better than ever before! The all new Wonder Wave foam contour spreads tire shine and protective dressings deep into textured grooves, tread, and uneven surfaces found all over tires, seats, dashboards, and trim pieces. The unique laser-cut zig-zags act like soft squeegee blades to push dressings and protectants into every nook and cranny from every angle with each swipe. Use the Tire Dressing Applicator Pad to spread tire shine on large nubbly off-road tires evenly without missing any spots. Pick the Tire Dressing Applicator Pad to spread Leather Conditioner on leather seats and upholstery. Spread dressings over dashboards and door cards with no drips or mess 


1. Net Weight:28g
2. Color:Black/Green
3. Green Handle Hardness: Very Hard and Solid.
4. Thickness: 5.5cm (with handle)
5. Material: High-Density Durafoam Wave shape Sponges with handle.
6. Made of high-quality durable high-density sponge, long service life.
7. Durable, one sponge can wash and wax your vehicle 5 times than other sellers' cheap sponge.

1 x Tire Dressing Applicator Pad