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Shark Opal Necklace

Shark Opal Necklace

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Did you know that every year over 100 million sharks are being killed and used for finning causing a huge decrease in population and effecting the entire ocean ecosystem. Fisherman take pride in slicing off a shark's fin without taking into consideration of the rest of the sharks living body, leaving these beautiful sharks suffering. 

Help eliminate the shark fin trade and Save Sharks by wearing this uniquely crafted Shark Opal Necklace. We need to act now. With sharks slow growth and low reproductive rates, sharks are highly susceptible to extinction, and it is difficult for many shark species to replenish their populations as quickly as they are being diminished.

  • Authentic Opal and 925 Sterling Silver - Each necklace is hand crafted with the finest rare vibrant opal.
  • Shark Conservation - Every necklace purchased funds the fighting against the shark fin trade and protecting more sharks.