Indoor Mouse Trap
Indoor Mouse Trap
Indoor Mouse Trap
Indoor Mouse Trap

Indoor Mouse Trap

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  • Mouse traps is made of durable plastic which is easy to wash
  • Mouse trap eliminates the use of fingers to set up like in traditional methods avoiding any possible injury to your fingers
  • Mouse traps indoor
  • Mice traps for house efficient and sensitive mouse trap kills the mice faster and effectively 15 grams only can trigger the trap and ensures killed which is faster and quicker
  • Mouse traps no see kill without touch the mouse while removing it


How To Set Traps Effectively:

1. Do not use "take away" bet like cheese. Use "Dine in" type where mouse has to sit there and lick. e.g. peanut butter.
2. Placing peanut butter on the traps small amount but spread out in cup.
3. Block the sides of the trap using any objects so that mouse is forced to approach trap from the front.
4. Put the traps in somewhere mice usually appear.


1. One-touch set helps to reduce risk of snapped fingers.
2. Upgraded mouse trap, no poison, no glue, no touch disposal.
3. Sensitive pedal parallel to bait, 0.03 lbs of weight is only needed to trigger the trap.
4. This mouse trap should be used only indoor (garage, basement, attic) areas where it can be kept out of reach of children and pets.