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3 in 1 Ear Endoscope
3 in 1 Ear Endoscope
3 in 1 Ear Endoscope
3 in 1 Ear Endoscope

3 in 1 Ear Endoscope

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Make cleaning your ears simple and easy with the 3 in 1 Endoscope. Use the attachment of your choice to properly remove unwanted ear wax build-up, while watching an HD real-time video of your ear canal!


  • USB / USB-C Compatible
  • Multiple Attachments
  • Extra Long Cable
  • Easy to Clean


What Our Customers Say

"So weirdly satisfying to see inside of my ear! Helped me take out giant earwax that i could not take out for so many times that bothered my hearing" - Bella E. (Verified Purchase)


"It works perfectly and was easy to install on my computer. As a physician, I plan to use in with my patients." - Bernice H. (Verified Purchase)


"Very clear video images! Great to be able to use as an option in my practice to help others visualize what I'm looking at." - Samantha T. (Verified Purchase)