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Dog Saver Life Jacket
Dog Saver Life Jacket
Dog Saver Life Jacket
Dog Saver Life Jacket
Dog Saver Life Jacket
Dog Saver Life Jacket
Dog Saver Life Jacket
Dog Saver Life Jacket

Dog Saver Life Jacket

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All dogs, whether water-loving or not, can easily go into a panic from an unexpected fall or leap into the water. The Dog Saver Life Jacket keeps your dog safe even when they are not prepared to be in the water.

This is particularly true when boating with your dog. Just as humans should wear life preservers for boating safety, so should dogs. Since dogs can be pretty heavy to get out of the water, the dog saver life jacket has a safety grab handle that makes it simpler to pull your dog out of the water and onto a boat or dry land.

The dog saver life jacket will give you peace of mind knowing your pup will stay afloat, even if your dog gets into trouble while swimming. In case of any emergencies, having a life jacket on can increase your dogs chance of surviving by over 80%.

Unexpected occurrences are never fun, knowing that your dog is protected will allow you to experience any fun adventure without any headaches.

Product Features:

  • Made for Easy Rescue: The Dog Saver Life Jacket features a sturdy handle, making it easy for you to pull your dog out of any emergency. 
  • Comfortable Design: Constructed with ripstop material that provides comfortable movement in the water, and doesn’t restrict movement on land.
  • Keep Warm: Features foam neoprene side panels that offer maximum buoyancy while naturally insulating your dog.
  • Reflective Lighting: Reflective accents and bright colors for high visibility in water during the day or at night.
  • Premium Support: The neoprene belly band securely supports their chest and stomach allowing your pup to be visibly more relaxed.

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