Cat Litter Mat
Cat Litter Mat
Cat Litter Mat
Cat Litter Mat
Cat Litter Mat
Cat Litter Mat
Cat Litter Mat
Cat Litter Mat
Cat Litter Mat
Cat Litter Mat

Cat Litter Mat

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About this item

  • The two-layer sifting system allows for all litter debris to be disposed of.
  • Super smooth surface - doesn't bother cat paws like other mats.
  • Allows for an easy pick-up and pour out process.
  • Honeycomb Double-Layer Design Waterproof Urine Proof Material,durable and Eco-friendly EVA foam rubber.
  • Measures a full 15 inches by 24 inches.

    Why choose the Cat Litter Mat?

    The Cat Litter Mat with double layer 10mm in diameter Large holes honeycomb design will work well in trapping locking litter. The quality of life has gone up greatly because no more getting litter stuck to my feet on a daily basis!

    The Cat Litter Mat are made of durable EVA material, non- toxic and PHTHALATE FREE,soft on kitten 's paws. According to our customers' feedback, kittens would like to walk on our mats, even have a snap on it!

    We placed deodorant and our cat litter pad uses EVA material and doesn't hold the urine or feces smell.

    Is the mat large enough to catch litter?

    The Cat Litter Mat is large enough to prevent litter from scattering around floor. No matter your lovely cat likes kicking litter all over the place or tracking it throughout your home, Bulkniu litter mat can trap the litter well.

    Suitable for hooded litter boxes , covered , automatic , self cleaning , top-entry litter boxes ,litter pans furniture litter boxes and any other litter boxes.

    How to maintain it?

    1.Fold the mat in half.

    2.Roll it up.

    How to solve folds?

    1.Put some weight on the folds (raised side)for a few days.

    Mats will turn into flat in a few day!

    2.Fold the mat in the raised side direction. Using a hairdryer to heat the folds would be better.

    Is the mat safe for our families?

    Absolutely yes. EVA material is non-toxic, PHTHALATE FREE which is used widely in housekeeping field. Considering your families' health and safe, Bulkniu specially uses this new type of material. Concerns on the health of family and pets.

    How to clean it?

    This reusable throw pad pad makes cleaning virtually uncomplicated. Just place your cat litter box in front of the cat litter box. As you leave, your cat walks over the honeycomb mat, leaving waste, fecal matter, and other unhygienic particles on the upholstery - not on your floors or furniture. To empty, just shake the carpet in the trash or outdoors, let it spray and use it again.

    Can it prevent urine streaming around?

    Sure. Besides the raw material itself is waterproof, Bulkniu litter box mat is processed by special crafts. Therefore you don't have to worry about urine streaming around the floor!