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Cassette To MP3

Cassette To MP3

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How to use the Cassette to MP3

1. Insert your tape in the recorder


2. Connect the recorder by USB to your computer


3. Use the software that you like to record

No driver needed!

4. Add the new MP3 to your playlists and devices

transfer on your device like..iPod, iPhone, etc..

Product Description

Turn those nostalgic songs on your tapes into mp3s with the portable USB cassette to use on your computer, iPod, or in the car! The adapter works with all kinds of tapes. The easy-to-use format allows you to convert music on your tapes into mp3 files.

Listen to mp3s on your computer, load them onto your portable music player, or record them onto a CD and listen in your car. Its portable size means you can fit it into virtually any bag and enables you to play and transfer music anywhere. The adapter comes with an audio output that enables you to listen on your stereo, on headphones, or other speaker systems so that you can enjoy hours of your favorite songs.

Product Images

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 11cm (length) x 8cm (width) x 3cm (height)
  • Plug & play USB device; no driver necessary
  • Convert old mix tapes and cassettes to mp3s to playback on iPod or mp3 player or burn to your CD
  • Portable design fits in just about any bad so that you can play and transfer just about anywhere
  • Flexible battery or USB-powered operation
  • Equipped with audio output so users can listen on the stereo, on headphones, or other speaker systems
  • System requirement:
    1. one USB 2.0 port, Pentium4 CPU or above
    2. 512MB RAM or above, 1GB free HDD space
    3. Mac or Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win10


Volume Adjustment

USB Interface

USB Interface


1.) What can I convert with this device?

Use the Cassette to MP3 to convert mix tapes and cassettes to mp3 to playback , burn to CD, and more

2.) Where can I use Cassette to MP3?

Use it on your computer or laptop, iPod, and in the car

3.) Does the adapter work with all types of tapes?

Yes. Its USB connections allows users to convert your tapes into mp3 files

4.) How is it powered?

Cassette to MP3 works with a flexible battery or a USB-powered operation

6.) Does it work with Mac and Windows?

Yes. Cassette to MP3 works with both Mac or Windows systems